Sam’s Weekly Attempt To Make “Punk” Bigger In The Sidebar Tag Cloud, Vol. 2: Iron Chic

null This is Sam’s weekly column where he writes about a band he likes and tries to make the punk tag bigger in the sidebar tag cloud. Noble pursuits, dude.

There was this band called Latterman that ruled. They broke up because they’re clearly dinks who don’t care that I never got to see them play. I’ve forgiven them, though, because everything they recorded is fucking perfect and I love it. Anyway, it turns out I’m the dink ’cause I missed seeing Iron Chic, the new, awesome, ex-Latterman band, at the Fest this year. I don’t know where I was or why I wasn’t in fist-pumping attendance, but I wasn’t. And for that, I’m a loser.

Thankfully, the band has seen fit to record a demo and put it on the internet so that total knobs like me can still rock out to their totally sweet and very Latterman-esque tunes. You can download the whole thing for free here. It’s amazing. It’s like One Man Army covering Latterman songs. Or like a great ’77 punk rock band growing sweet beards and playing power pop songs. If you like being in love and driving cars and hanging out with friends and rock and roll and riding your bike and reading books and drinking coffee and heavily distorted bass you will be into this. It’s great great great and I hope next time I’m in a town where they’re playing I don’t just forget and go watch Dillinger Four instead.

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