Sam’s Weekly Attempt To Make “Punk” Bigger In The Sidebar Tag Cloud, Vol. 3: Whiskey Trench


This is Sam’s weekly column where he writes about a band he likes and tries to make the punk tag bigger in the sidebar tag cloud. Noble pursuits, dude.

Whiskey Trench are this awesome band from Montreal that I first got into when they played all the Saint Catherines‘ Quebec release shows. I was interviewing Hugo from S.C. and I couldn’t really understand what he was saying because I was on a shitty phone and he’s got a pretty thick Quebecois accent and I’m sort of an asshole. So he was talking about this band and it took me a bunch of really intense Googlefying variations of the syllables I was able to decipher before I realized the band was “Whiskey Trench”, which is obviously an insanely rad name. Since then I’ve been convinced that they’re one of the best punk bands in Montreal even though I’ve never seen them live. I was reminded of this fact today when I stumbled on If You Make It, which is basically the best website on the planet. If you check out their section of free (awesome) albums, you can download Whiskey Trench’s The Good Sun, a fast, gritty, super-rad and out-of-print 7″originally released by Dead Broke Rekerds. It’s really good. Go, now.

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