Sexy Sunday Sports Section – November 2, 2008

This week in sports history
It was Halloween the other day. And on that day 45 years ago, Fred the Crimedog McGriff was born in Tampa Bay. I don’t really know much about his career, but his name is awesome!

Coolest thing that happened this past week
The Phillies beat the Rays. The game lasted over 50 hours. How? It was delayed midway through by rain for two days. Meanwhile across town, the Sixers lost their season opener. No one noticed.

Oh and this.

The hockey team I think will finish in last place at season’s end
Ok, it’s only the second week of this section, but it’s already pretty obviously gonna be the Islanders that finish last. How bad are things in Long Island? The top news story on their website is a feature about the personal life of their arena hostess Dina.

Cool Athlete Power Rankings (who I wish I was)
1. All the athletes in the Guitar Hero commercial combined
2. Dina’s BF
3. McGriff’s Kid
4. Matt Stairs
5. Kyle Osposo

What I am watching this week
I will be watching my girlfriend get way to drunk in the Caribbean. There will not be any televisions. Lots of shuffle board though.

Vagin of the week

The Tampa Bay Rays, for rolling over and dying. Eric Hinske for swinging at a pitch that was about four feet too far. And Tony Romo for being Tony Romo.

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