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BEST FRIDAYS: with Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats

Posted on July 4, 2008 by

What’s Worst Mondays without a dark and villainous foil? That’s the kind of thinking that forced us to create Best Fridays. So, for all our weekend warrior brethren: Wooooo, T-G-I-F, right? Herein we hope to bookend your awful week by quizzing our previous Worst Mondays candidate about slightly more encouraging things. Every Friday!

Welcome back to the program with everyone’s favourite straight edge hardcore kid with a cool haircut, Liam Cormier! Sometime I wish my hair could look like that. But we all have our demons. Mine is being incapable or growing a cool, floppy, dirty-looking mohawk. What’s that? You’re not here for me? Or, right. Cancer Bats kick ass. And so:

Best injury
I split my forehead open at a show in Saskatoon. I was swinging the mic around and caught myself in the head. We still finished the set but I bled everywhere for 40 minutes. For a big sissy like myself, I felt pretty tough and now I have a bad-ass scar above my eye.

Best historical figure
Louis Riel is the biggest bad-ass in Canadian history. He led two revolts against the Canadian government fighting for Metis rights and he established Manitoba. Get your Google on.

Best shirt
The best shirt I’ve ever owned is a limited edition Mike Giant shirt that he made for an art show in Toronto. It was given to me by a friend who had two and I was so so stoked. Mike Giant does a ton of rad shit for Rebel 8 as well that’s a lot easier to track down.

Best thing to do with $20
Put it in the bank. I am broke as a joke.

Best party trick
My friend Olly from Johnny Truant and myself DJ’d a party recently in Brighton UK and we had that shit bumping. We were mixing Rage into Beastie Boys, Damien Marley into Rolling Stones. We had the dance floor going crazy! It was the best trick I ever pulled off.

Best monster
Dracula hands down. Not really a monster but probably the coolest piece of evil you could find out there.

Best question ever asked of you in an interview. Now answer it:
This question is the most original I’ve been asked. I’ll give that award to you.

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WORST MONDAYS: with Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats

Posted on June 30, 2008 by

At JUICEBOX HQ, we’ve never really had a case of the Mondays because we don’t have real-people jobs. But for those feeling a bit garfield this A.M., feel free to wallow in other people’s most hated things. Every Monday!


Liam Cormier is an intense and cool dude. He sings / says “yeah!” in Cancer Bats, easily one of the most popular bands currently playing heavy shit in Canada. Started in 2004 with long-hair dude Scott Middleton (ex-At the Mercy of Inspiration), the band played a ton of awesome shows and then put out the appropriately awesome Birthing the Giant in 2006, a record that kicked out some of the finest Entombed-style jams this side of Sweden. The record led to a bunch of huge tours, some fine press, and the good fortune of being featured on the same episode of MTV Live as me.


This year, the band released Hail Destroyer, a record that basically got huge props from everyone everywhere and then made it on to the Polaris Long List, which is a pretty sweet deal since Polaris made a habit of shutting out heavy bands for its first two years. While glowing reviews from the Canadian music press is one thing, a feature on JUICEBOXdotcom is quite another. Ladies and gentlemen, the jewel in Liam Cormier’s hardcore crown:

Worst day-job
I don’t really get bummed out at jobs. Like, driving a fork lift can be awesome, you just have to know how to make it awesome. At the same time, any job would be the worst job. Damn the Man!

Worst haircut
One time I was finishing off a hair cut; I had a set of clippers with no guard, just getting some stray hairs by my ears, when someone opened the bathroom door and bumped my arm, shaving a bald spot into the side of my head. The worst! I wore a hat for a month.

Worst subculture
Neo Nazis. I fucking hate Neo Nazis.

Worst date
The day the Challenger exploded is a date that we will all remember. I was five and the news came on during Leave It To Beaver. Some serious shit.

Worst invention
The txt msg is both the worst and the best invention. It’s cheap and easy, but it is killing the English language and making us all dumber.

Worst purchase
This is another best/worst situation. We’re in Europe right now and I borrowed my friends cell phone to call my girlfriend. Which was the best! But when I finished the half hour call he told me how much it was going to cost and that was the worst! I had just spent 75 euros to call my girlfriend for 30 minutes. No regrets though, I love talking to my girl. Awesome and shitty all rolled into one.

Worst way to die
I would hate to die a virgin.

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