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WOOO, NO PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Alright, so in the interest of just really driving home my fury over the gross mismanagement of our country during a time of global crisis: this.

The Globe has reportedly obtained a document which indicates that, in 2000, the federal Conservatives, Canadian Alliance, and Bloc Québécois plotted to form a coalition to defeat Chrétien’s Liberals. So basically, eight years ago, the Tories, Alliance, and Bloc were prepared to do exactly what the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc are looking to do right now.

Before November 27, 2000, when the Liberals were handed a big ol’ majority by Canadians, the opposition parties wanted to prepare for a weakened majority or minority government. In these delightful little preparations, they made major concessions to the Bloc, pledging to alter the Clarity Act so that sovereignty could be obtained through a straight 50 per cent-plus in a referendum (the Act calls for a stronger “clear majority”). Plus, Stockwell Day was going to be Prime Minister.

So eight years later, a new rag-tag team of total dicks are trying to alter the democratic will of Canadians by getting in to bed with a political party that literally hopes to dismantle Canada. Except now Harper and the Tories are tossing out tasty bon mots like:

We will have [in a coalition] a mechanism of permanent consultation empowering the Bloc Québécois on every question of importance, notably concerning the adoption of the budget. This Prime Minister, this government, this party has never and will never sign a document like that.

You all suck. Let’s all move to America.

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Seriously, this is way, way bogus.

We could only find this video with the sound effects included, so we can only imagine that it was ambient sound.

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