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Why so quiet, juicebox manor?

Posted on June 16, 2009 by

Well, for one, what can really be said after a MEMBER OF FUGAZI PLAYS IN YOUR BASEMENT (tv = fun amirite?!) But mostly we’ve been slacking because the Juicebox house band and co-proprietors of this ghostship are on tour and I’ve been busy forgetting that computers co-exist with ice cream in the summertime. But! NXNE is coming up, the bars are open till 4, and the aforementioned Junior Bagels will be there (UO / No Idea Records showcase on Thursday w/ the awesome Bridge & Tunnel from Brooklyn NY +++), so let’s go to that together and reminisce about days of yore. I’m buying. But only if you wear that shirt. You know the one.

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Party all the time

Posted on May 14, 2009 by

We’re still busy collecting our sanity (and the wreckage that is our house minus a film crew) this week after wrapping the first four episodes of the show with a bunch of in-house “interviews” (including a round of the dating game wherein Justin’s ex-girlfriend gets fresh with Alexisonfire). Speaking of yer buds in AOF, we’ve got a showcase at this year’s Over the Top Fest, a mixed bbq featuring headliner Hunter (members of Alexisonfire, Moneen, and The Abandoned Hearts Club), a couple of Juicebox bands (Cool Dad, Ulysses and the Siren), and out-of-towners The Narrative (from Brooklyn NY). Best yet, it’s at Dee’s this Friday (May 22). You were gonna be there anyway!

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Oh, hey

Posted on April 19, 2009 by

How are you? Yeah? Great to hear. Just another week at the office for us that’ll see bands like Nomeansno and The Rural Alberta Advantage play in our basement(!) for episodes 2 & 3 of our forthcoming TV program that I swear we are not just pulling your leg about. Also, we’ve got a new release for you to feast your ears upon by Haligonian ex-pats Cool dad. AND an event you should probably hang with us at: Juicebox house band Junior Battles’ cd release party at the El Mocambo. Friday! Let’s drink about it. (oh, and, uh, we got a, uh, twitter account. new hot updates! wassup haters.)

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VOTE OR DIE ’09: F.U. Awards

Posted on January 21, 2009 by

So CFNY has a great show on Tuesday nights called Punkorama. Last year they held their first award show, and Strike Anywhere let me drink a lot of their gin. It was a great time. 2009 marks the second annual “F.U. Awards” (take that, authority) and the first annual time Junior Battles has been nominated. Right? No, really.

We’re nominated for the “Young Jedi” award for “Best New Band of ’08” [Ed.’s note: LOLOLOL]. Also nominated in the same category are our bestest friends the Little Millionaires, but fuck those chumps and vote for us ’cause I want my mom to be proud of me (actually we love the Millionaires and we’re releasing their record, so vote for them too. But not as many times as you vote for us). You can also vote for some non-us related stuff, and when you do that, make sure you vote for fellow JBdc contributor Ben Rispin‘s band, Saint Alvia. Keep your eyes on the prize.



Thanks, I owe you a beer.

[Ed.’s note: but really, Jr Battles is pretty much the JUICEBOXdotcom house band. Every member writes for us, is a babe, and loves you more and more each and every passing day (see Aaron, Joel, Justin, Sam). Love them like they love you.]

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