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Party all the time

Posted on May 14, 2009 by

We’re still busy collecting our sanity (and the wreckage that is our house minus a film crew) this week after wrapping the first four episodes of the show with a bunch of in-house “interviews” (including a round of the dating game wherein Justin’s ex-girlfriend gets fresh with Alexisonfire). Speaking of yer buds in AOF, we’ve got a showcase at this year’s Over the Top Fest, a mixed bbq featuring headliner Hunter (members of Alexisonfire, Moneen, and The Abandoned Hearts Club), a couple of Juicebox bands (Cool Dad, Ulysses and the Siren), and out-of-towners The Narrative (from Brooklyn NY). Best yet, it’s at Dee’s this Friday (May 22). You were gonna be there anyway!

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INTERVIEW: Daniel Johnston

Posted on May 19, 2008 by

This was probably one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever taken part in (and, for placement, this happened pretty much exactly one year ago, in May of 2007. That’s how long we’ve been trying to start this effing magazine). Daniel Johnston was in Toronto as part of the Over the Top Festival, and he wasn’t really doing interviews. He was in pretty ill health, had just made some really creepy anti-Semitic comments at SXSW a few months earlier, and people seemed kind of unsure if he was actually becoming a Nazi or was just, you know… kind of crazy.

MTV Live was doing a feature on him the day after our interview, but they were (understandably) nervous about him giving the Nazi salute or some such thing on live television. Thus they wanted to supervise our interview. We were, for all intents and purposes, MTV guinea pigs. So to set the scene, this interview took place in a room with Daniel Johnston, a female fan, his brother, an MTV Live producer (keep in mind Daniel’s raging MTV obsession), that red-headed MTV Live host, and us (being Paul Korycki and Sam Sutherland of JUICEBOXdotcom).

Daniel was chain-smoking and eating fortune cookies the whole time, and would occasionally fall asleep with his cigarette still in his mouth. Sometimes he’d wake up on his own and answer the question. But mostly we would just wait.

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