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The Robins

Posted on February 8, 2011 by

Probably one of my favourite bands to have unearthed for myself over the course of this project is the Robins. The second or third ever punk band from Moncton (the first was the Punks, natch), the Robins were one of many incredible, original, and utterly strange musical projects undertaken by Mark Gaudet, one of the most incredible, original, and utterly strange guys to have emerged from this fine country. Better known for his work in seminal east coast acts Eric’s Trip and Elevator, Gaudet was also Moncton’s first punk, at the core of every single punk band in the city until the early ’80s. The Robins were more left-field than Gaudet’s earlier experimentations, including the proto-metal Purple Knight and aforementioned Punks, and the few recordings that exist from that era (along with a handful of bootlegs floating around on YouTube) showcase a unique band making some strange, strange noise.

You can order a lot of classic east coast recordings and videos through Gaudet’s Venison Creek zine. No resources online. Just give him a call some time at work to get a free zine and catalogue. I’m not even kidding. And it’s totally worth it.

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