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REVIEW: Tell Me You Love Me, The Complete First Season (DVD)

Posted on June 8, 2008 by

Maaaaaan. Considering I chose this out of our Free Pile based on the triple-threat of ridiculousness that is its cover image + title + tagline, I feel like a bit of a goon for actually having enjoyed it in earnest. So goonly, in fact, that I’ve avoided slopping together a review for about a month in hopes that I’d eventually stop getting bugged about putting one up. But since that doesn’t look like it’s happening, and since I enjoy enjoying free things, let’s kick the ground and get this over with.

Tell Me You Love Me is a good television show. Its working title, though the network wouldn’t have it, was the far more charming/appropriate Fuck Me, Please and as such there are loads of dinks and boobs on the television screen.

It’s about three couples, all of which you see the dinks and boobs of, who are in various stages of their respective relationships, and are narratively linked by a common therapist (who you also see the boobs of… and she is 70!). The cast apparently had to do a bunch of tequila shots in order to get past the first-date-y-ness of the pilot where they barely knew one another but were still groping each other’s bits (see, I even listened to the episode commentaries for that nugget. WHAT HAS BECOME OF OUR HERO?) More… »

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THE KIDS TODAY: Controlling Women

Posted on March 10, 2008 by

Ben Rispin has played in a lot of bands (like the Video Dead and the Saint Alvia Cartel). He’s toured with some more bands he wasn’t even in (like Jersey). And he’s nominated for a Juno for Best Rock Album (really). With The Kids Today, he shares his years of hard-earned wisdom with a new generation of totally sweet dudes and ladies.


I, like many humans with a penis, like to have sex with a woman. I love all my friends who have penises and like to have sex with dudes, but this is about dudes who were born with vaginas. The day I get drunk enough to sleep with a dude who was born with a penis, I’ll write about it, but for now I’ll stick with what I know (or have kind of fumbled around with in the past).

One popular trend I have seen lately which seems to be sweeping the nation is controlling women. Now, I get it. I love that Weezer song as much as the next dude (you know the “Laugh for No One Else” jam?) More… »

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