Talk Show Night

The thing we’ve been yammering about forever is happening, finally, in the real world. The trailer is up. The countdown is on. Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 6th, at 11:00pm, Talk Show Night At Juicebox Manor becomes a TV show that you, your mom, and your best friends can all watch, love, and enjoy forever. If you live in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick or Newfoundland, you can catch the fever on Rogers Cable 107. Elsewhere, head to to fall in love all over again. We are stoked. You are stoked.

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  1. Just FYI… Rogers doesn’t have it in Newfoundland yet. The systems there don’t have the same fibre link that the rest of the systems do (the whole “island” thing), so until it’s available via satellite (which is how they pull in most of their other signals), it probably won’t be available there anytime soon. :(

    (Plus they haven’t rejigged their lineups recently, so channel 107 is currently the HD feed of CTV Toronto.)

  2. (Plus they haven’t rejigged their lineups recently, so channel 107 is currently the HD feed of CTV Toronto.)

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