REVIEW: Third Watch – The Complete First Season


Look at all those fuckin’ heroes. Standing on rubble or something, all steely and awesome. Third Watch, the show which introduced these heroes to the world, is the raddest show ever. It makes me wish I was saving babies or stopping kids from selling their bodies for drug money instead of writing about Third Watch like an asshole. But someone’s got to spread the gospel. We all have our burdens.

Debuting in 1999, Third Watch was another one of those shows that real emergency workers hated the shit out of because it in no way reflects the harsh realities of their jobs. That said, it’s the best show to ever be on television. For those of you somehow out of the T.W. loop, the deal is such: there’s firefighters, cops, and paramedics. They work the fabled “third watch” in Manhattan, from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. In that time frame, apparently every insane thing in the world happens. Dudes kill cops. Cops kill dudes. Kids get killed by old ladies who can’t drive. Puppies are adorable. Love is lost and found. Third Watch seems to possess the ability to cram just about ever single firefighter/cop/paramedic cliche into every episode. And it’s awesome. Did I mention how awesome it is? The characters are all insanely bad ass (except for the ones who aren’t bad ass, but they’re just fuel for the bad asses’ raging fire) and say awesome thing you wish you could say before you shot someone / put out a fire / used a defibrillator. So basically, if you love pretending to be an absolute crime fighting bad ass from the comfort of your really sweet couch while getting insanely stoked about fires and multi-car pile-ups, Third Watch is the best show in the entire fucking world. (Warner Bros. Television)

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