The Modernettes

Teen City

I’m currently going over some stuff in John Armstrong’s autobiography, the immensely readable and wonderfully bad behavior-ridden Guilty of Everything. Sent me down a worm hole of Vancouver music videos, of which there are a few, including this one for the Modernettes’ “Barbra”, a certified classic from its era. This song exemplifies what I love about a lot of the Vancouver bands, which is the simple fact that so many of them ended up writing slightly tweaky power-pop songs that, thirty years later, rival anything in the early Elvis Costello catalogue. Best moment in this video comes twenty seconds in when a guy dunks behind Armstrong for no apparent reason other than it seems edgy or hip or something.

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  1. This is real awesome! Thanks for sharing these useful articles!

  2. Ha Ha. I saved Astounding for the Modernettes. What an preposterously phenomenal group they were. I wish I still had that cassette of the awestruck interview I did with them sometime around 1980.

    Buck’s biography is hilariously entertaining, and better written that most of the stuff out there.

    Read about how Abba saved his ass in San Francisco!

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