TIGER BOP! Ron Jeremy

When we here at JUICEBOXdotcom HQ are afforded the opportunity to talk to someone really actually famous, the first thing on our minds is HOT CELEB GOSSIP. In Tiger Bop!, we cut to the bone of what it means to be a sexy celeb who loves to shop and has secrets and crushes and advice for being in high school. OMGZ.


What’s a first d8 with Ron Jeremy like?
The first date, since we haven’t had any kind of sex yet, they’re paying. That’s not entirely true. First date with me is always exciting. I might eat off your plate, an extra neighbour’s plate, the plate down the block, the plate next door, I’m a human garbage disposal. But it will be a fun date. You’ll never be bored.

What’s your FAVE thing to eat?
Your mom. No, I like shrimp. Big fan of seafood. I like shrimp, lobster, caviar, things like that. And your mom.

Do you have a celeb crush?
Yeah. Actually, not a crush, but I’d want to do Britney Spears. Pam Anderson, Michelle Pfeifer, Daryl Hannah, Lindsay Lohan… the ones that all the kids get a kick out of, I’d get a kick out of doin’ ’em. You know, I knew Kevin Federline pretty well. My agent books him, very sweet guy. But don’t let him know that I’d like to mess around with Britney. Not that he’d really care at this point.

Could we go shopping together?
I don’t shop. Half the things I have are free. These rings are gifts, [he begins pointing to items on his body] gift, gift, gift, gift, gift. So everything I’m wearing pretty much is a gift. People call me America’s guest.

Do you have any pets?
A Russian tortoise. She’s from Afghanistan. Her name is Cherry.

(With files from Anthony Vasquez-Peddie)

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