Video Stuff

In the summer of 2007, we started shooting stupidly low-budget videos for Exclaim! Magazine. Filmed on borrowed cameras and edited on broken computers, these early forays into “television” were nothing if not charming (and inaudible). Eventually we got a better camera and a better computer and started to produce a weekly series called Garageland, which took us to Quebec City, San Francisco, and Taiwan, and let us talk to musical luminaries ranging from Calexico to Brokencyde.

In winter 2009, we began producing a talk show from our living room called Talk Show Night at Juicebox Manor. Joe Lally from Fugazi played in our basement, Buck 65 taught us how to hit a baseball, and Greg from Tokyo Police Club helped us blow stuff up in a microwave.

Today, we’re working on a few new projects that, if we told you about them, would probably make you do that thing from Scanners. Stay tuned.