VOTE OR DIE ’09: F.U. Awards

So CFNY has a great show on Tuesday nights called Punkorama. Last year they held their first award show, and Strike Anywhere let me drink a lot of their gin. It was a great time. 2009 marks the second annual “F.U. Awards” (take that, authority) and the first annual time Junior Battles has been nominated. Right? No, really.

We’re nominated for the “Young Jedi” award for “Best New Band of ’08” [Ed.’s note: LOLOLOL]. Also nominated in the same category are our bestest friends the Little Millionaires, but fuck those chumps and vote for us ’cause I want my mom to be proud of me (actually we love the Millionaires and we’re releasing their record, so vote for them too. But not as many times as you vote for us). You can also vote for some non-us related stuff, and when you do that, make sure you vote for fellow JBdc contributor Ben Rispin‘s band, Saint Alvia. Keep your eyes on the prize.



Thanks, I owe you a beer.

[Ed.’s note: but really, Jr Battles is pretty much the JUICEBOXdotcom house band. Every member writes for us, is a babe, and loves you more and more each and every passing day (see Aaron, Joel, Justin, Sam). Love them like they love you.]

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