WORST MONDAYS: with Ian Stanger of the Fullblast

At JUICEBOX HQ, we’ve never really had a case of the Mondays because we don’t have real-people jobs. But for those feeling a bit garfield this A.M., feel free to wallow in other people’s most hated things. Every Monday!


The Fullblast were a really awesome band from Toronto’s westward suburban expanse (known affectionately as “the 905”) that played really fast punk rock from 2000 until 2006. They broke up when their drummer left to play guitar in Boys Night Out and they never played a final show and everyone was bummed. There were full-on riots in the streets of Oakville and an effigy of lead singer Ian Stanger was burned outside of Mississauga’s city hall. Which is why, two years after the fact, the band is finally getting together for a final/reunion show. This Wednesday. And also Tuesday. But that one doesn’t really count.

In the mid-90s and early-00s (what?), the 905 was pushing out more awesome bands than you could shake a well-maintained, highly-accessorized mid-size sedan at. Some of the bands got really insanely internationally famous, and some came really close but just ended up getting ripped off by way shittier bands. The Fullblast basically sounded like Lifetime and probably could have been huge. They were catchy without being derivative, and technical without being alienating. They had amassed a substantial following across the country at the time of their break-up, just as it seemed like the band’s investment (time, money, sanity) was about to pay off. Which is why, two years later, they’ve managed to sell out Toronto’s Opera House for their final show. They’re also playing an abridged warm-up set in London this Tuesday, but c’mon. London?

Basically, the Fullblast were amazing. I was at the show the above picture was taken at. It was great. That the band has sold out Toronto’s biggest mid-size venue is a well-warranted final accolade. They didn’t get many in their time, but as melodic punk rock becomes more and more commodified and haircut-driven, the Fullblast have come to stand as an example of pop music played with integrity and and a metric fuckton of vigor.

Worst day-job
I’m lucky insofar as I’ve never hated a day job. I worked at Pizza Hut for about 5 years through high school and into university, and that much free pizza is never a bad thing. I guess I’d have to say working at the MiniMart on the University of Windsor campus during my second year. How humiliating.

Worst haircut
Probably the one I’m sporting right now — I’m in that “in between” stage trying to decide if I want to let it grow or cut it short. Delaying the decision isn’t helping my current situation.

Worst subculture
Nu-metal culture. There’s really nothing redeeming that I can identify in such terrible style and music.

Worst date
There was a venue in the town I grew up in called the Pine Room. It’s where all the great local shows happened during a period of four to five years. The venue was on thin ice for a while, and one time I took my girlfriend at the time to go see Moneen, Small Brown Bike, and Piebald there. Apparently the show was awesome, and Moneen nearly burned the place down and set off fire alarms by setting off fireworks inside by attaching them to the headstocks of their guitars. By all accounts, it was quite a spectacle. But I wouldn’t know, I missed it because I was in the car getting dumped. That was the last show at the Pine Room. I’m still bitter. (Ed.’s note: This seriously is one of the most legendary 905 shows ever.)

Worst invention
Personal audio amplifiers/ I just saw this on TV the other day and it seems absolutely useless. It’s a unit that looks like an mp3 player, with a sensitive microphone and earphones. Apparently it’s supposed to boost sound from far away so you can do things like — and these are taken directly from the commercial — listen in on conversations, and hear better in church. Capitalizing on the supremely suspicious and religious. Ridiculous.

Worst purchase
There have been many, many terrible purchases. I think one time I spent $300 on a flat-panel computer monitor because I thought they were the height of new technology. I took it home, and ended up buying a laptop two weeks later. I don’t think the monitor ever made it out of the box. Thanks, Visa.

Worst way to die
Drowning. While listening to Disturbed.

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